Trust Flow – How to Improve External Backlinks For Maximum SEO

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you are probably wondering how the Wealthy Affiliates program works and if it can really help you increase your chances of getting a high ranked website. Trust Flow is the measurement of the value, the search engine gets for a linked URL. In short, TCF is the amount of links received by a website from another place. The formula for calculating TCF for all engines is basically the same; however, the values you get vary between different search engines.

Trust Flow

Basically, TCF uses the “cite flow metric” to calculate the number of links that a website receives. This metric is handy when determining the relevancy of a website to a given topic. It considers the site’s volume of links and compares this to the importance of citations the site receives. By calculating a site’s relevance to the topic, the TCF metric can tell the affiliate what keywords to target and how many links should be directed to the site. This gives¬†The Wealthy Affiliates¬†expert team a deeper understanding of the specific keywords and websites that best benefit their customers.

However, the tool does more than provide numbers. The developers of the Trust Flow system also took the time to make sure the tool was easy to use. One of the simplest metrics used to determine the flow of links is the total number of anchor texts used in hyperlinks. This metric tells you the number of unique anchor text used to connect a certain web page and a particular keyword. Using the “cite flow metric” will allow you to see which keywords and anchor texts are most often used to link to your pages.

The Wealthy Affiliate also takes the time to analyze how the positioning of links relates to SEO and other factors that can affect your page rank. As we know, every page on the Internet has its own position within the search engines hierarchy. Pages with higher positions take longer to be indexed by the search engines and are more likely to be ignored. By analyzing how these different factors affect the SEO of your page, the developers of the Wealthy Affiliate can ensure that it works to your advantage. They also help you understand how you can improve the SEO of your page to increase traffic.

Another tool that the site developers use to boost SEO is keyword research. Keywords, as mentioned above, play an important role in the success of any SEO campaign. Knowing what keywords to target, what phrases you should use, and what phrases you should avoid can make a big difference in the success of your SEO campaign. By using the Keyword Research tools, you can determine the best keywords and phrases that you should use for your web page. As the Wealthy Affiliate states: “If the keyword research reveals that your best keywords aren’t selling, but you have found other phrases that are doing well, you can use those keywords as part of your campaigns.” This makes SEO easier and more effective.

Another tool that the site owners can gain from the website builder is a Backlink Profile. A Backlink Profile is a graphical explanation of your website that includes the links that you have attached to your page. The idea behind backlinks is that the more quality, relevant backlinks you have, the more credible and trusted you will be. The more backlinks you have pointing to your page, the more visible you will be to the Search Engines and the more likely you will become clicked on. This tool is important because it not only increases your SEO but also helps you build your Google+ reputation and allows the site owner to promote their business.

The Wealthy Affiliate offers a third tool that can greatly increase the SEO of your website: the disavow file. The disavow file allows you to block any given URL and prevent that URL from appearing in Google results or in web search engine results. The Wealthy Affiliate recommends using this tool in conjunction with the other tools offered by the site and says, “It is crucial to keep your links up for as long as possible for the best results”. Since the URLs blocked are very relevant to your theme, the Wealthy Affiliate recommends that the process of blocking be done with great care and discretion.

The fourth tool from the site: the Metric Moz tool. The Metric Moz tool analyzes the relationship between your web pages and external backlinks. External backlinks are links to other sites that direct readers to your site. “These are very valuable links”, the Metric Moz says, and notes that the greater the number of external backlinks to your site, the higher your page’s link quality. The tool then suggests ways that you can improve your page’s link quality.